Review: What Lies Between Us by John Marrs

Nina can never forgive Maggie for what she did. And she can never let her leave.

They say every house has its secrets, and the house that Maggie and Nina have shared for so long is no different. Except that these secrets are not buried in the past.

Every other night, Maggie and Nina have dinner together. When they are finished, Nina helps Maggie back to her room in the attic, and into the heavy chain that keeps her there. Because Maggie has done things to Nina that can’t ever be forgiven, and now she is paying the price.

But there are many things about the past that Nina doesn’t know, and Maggie is going to keep it that way—even if it kills her.

Because in this house, the truth is more dangerous than lies.

There are dark books and there are DARK books and ‘What Lies Between Us’ definitely falls into the latter category. I can’t remember the last time I read a book this dark and twisted. I read a lot of science fiction and fantasy, some of which have monsters straight from your nightmares. What Lies Between us was infinitely more horrifying than any of those as there were no monsters here – only two very damaged people.

Everytime I thought I couldn’t be more surprised and horrified by this story the next revelation came at the turn of the page and I had to re- evaluate my feelings for these people all over again.

There were bits I predicted and bits where I thought I finally had a handle of what was happening only to have my theories blown out of the water. Despite of the things they did and the decisions they took neither Nina nor Maggie were completely unlikable – a remarkable feat of writing skill. Instead they were both horribly damaged people making choices that often had unpredictable consequences.

What Lies Between Us was one of those novels that I couldn’t bear to put down for long, I found myself picking it up in any quiet moments to get another couple of pages of reading in.

Not a story for those who find themselves triggered by the many issues touched on here, including, abortion, child abuse, gaslighting or mental health stories, I would recommend this to anyone who likes their fiction twisted and unpredictable.

A brilliant book that had me gripped from start to finish.

With thanks to Amazon Publishing UK and Netgalley for an early copy in exchange for honest review.

What Lies Between Us is published 15 May 2020