Top Ten: Witches and Wizards

Sepia toned photo, the pages of an old book flipping to release magical sparkles. Text - Wyrd & Wonder / Celebrate the fantastic, 1-31 May
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Making use of a Wyrd and Wonder prompt for this post, after a lot of back and forth and stretching the definition of Witches and Wizards (mages, sorcerer’s and other associated magic users must count right?) here are my Top Ten Witches and Wizards.

They’re in no particular order as I’m indecisive and couldn’t make the decision! I’m also rubbish at lists so I’ve probably missed some I love, but here goes…

Hermione Granger

Hermione really has to make the list. Muggle born but still a powerful Witch she doesn’t flaunt her power but instead uses it and her calm rational thinking to help her best friends.

Ead Duran

Of all the characters in Priory Ead was one of my favourites. She wasn’t afraid to walk her own path but also cared deeply for those who she allowed to get close. Loved the magic system that was used here too.


Kell was an interesting mage. He’s a gripping central character and his form of magic is interesting too.

Severus Snape

Yes I know, a second Potter character on my list and it’s not even our eponymous hero. Pulled in different directions by two different strong minded Wizards, Severus still manages to carve a place for himself and teach an unwilling and ungrateful Harry as much as he can.

Mildred Hubble

I adore Mildred Hubble. One of the first Witches I remember reading on my own she had to have a place on my list. I’ll always have a soft spot for Mildred, Maud, Tabby the Cat and Cackles academy.


As the book title suggests Belgarath is a sorcerer not strictly a wizard but I’ve a soft spot for the cranky old man with mis-matched boots, and the ability to transform into a wolf. The Will and the Word was also my first real introduction to different magic systems.


I wondered which of the Godspawn to pick from this wonderful duet but in the end I think it was small, fierce, ghost catching Minya who really touched my heart.

Septimus Heap

Septimus Heap is the seventh son of a seventh son and therefore destined for great things in this smart, funny and touching YA series.

Willow Rosenburg

Ok so I’m cheating slightly adding Willow to a book list but no top ten Witches list could really be complete without her.


I love Daine, her magic is probably the one from this list that I’d choose if I could have any. The ability to talk to animal has always appealed to me in fantasy books and Daine is a wonderful character as well.

As a bonus entry I’m adding The Witch in the Cherry Tree. I adored this book as a small child. I’ve not read it for many many years now and suspect it’s out of print but the Witch with her burnt cakes is one I have fond memories of.