Books on my Netgalley shelf

I may have gone on a bit of Netgalley requesting spree this week, I really shouldn’t browse it late at night! There are so many great books coming out this year, I just need to find time to read them now.

I’m reading John Marrs’ What Lies between us at the moment and it’s really dark but brilliant and I can’t put it down.

Do you use Netgalley, what’s waiting on your shelf at the moment?

13 thoughts on “Books on my Netgalley shelf

  1. Very… I am actually not sure if I would survive it. I am forcing my family and relatives to stay on for the rest of the year. Not sure if they would agree. The rainy season is expected in June so we would be forced to stay in. Hoping that the crisis ends by them. Praying so hard. My nights are shot, my days are spent in getting grocery and vegetables and sanitizing what I can. A different normal. In that, I am just not able to read. Sorry to download my stress on you 💞

  2. Don’t be sorry it’s good to offload sometimes. I’m sorry it’s so hard at the moment. I’ve sort of gone the other way and am escaping into books when I can. Sending you a virtual hug xx

  3. Yeah… I’m at 99% right now, and I’ll get to 100% when I finish reading this book and send in the review. They let me wish for books, but I’ve only gotten one wish to come true after wishing for dozens and dozens of books.

  4. How strange, wishes are definitely hit and miss although I’ve had a few.
    Which category are you under – my Netgalley account is a librarian one (my day job) and I’ve been really lucky with what I get approved for. I have noticed some titles that I see bloggers have had from Netgalley don’t come up for me though.

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