Review: King Of The Crows by Russell Day

2028, eight years after a pandemic swept across Europe, the virus has been defeated and normal life has resumed. Memories of The Lockdown have already become clouded by myth, rumour and conspiracy. Books have been written, movies have been released and the names Robertson, Miller & Maccallan have slipped into legend.

Together they hauled The Crows, a ragged group of survivors, across the ruins of London. Kept them alive, kept them safe, kept them moving.But not all myths are true and not all heroes are heroes.Questions are starting to be asked about what really happened during those days when society crumbled and the capital city became a killing ground.Finally the truth will be revealed...

This book was incredible. When you consider the author wrote this 2 years ago, the timescales, government reactions (even the public messages released) are staggeringly accurate. It added an extra layer of realism and emotion to the novel that at times I wasn’t quite prepared for.

While the pandemic in ‘Crows’ and the one we are currently living through are very different it’s frighteningly easy to see how the situations described here could take place.

I loved this take on Zombies (only don’t call these one’s Zombies), and how survivors attitudes changed the longer the pandemic went on for.

King of the Crows is a long book but the change in style between police transcripts, screen plays, survivor accounts, social media speculation after the fact and changes in narrator all serve to keep it feeling fresh and not overly long.

The characters were interesting and the reader is kept wondering which is the ‘true’ personality of some as you meet them through the different mediums. We learn more about all our main protagonists slowly, which somehow serves to make them feel more real.

If you love dystopian fiction you definitely need to give this one a read.

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