Bookmarks – what do you use?

The perennial question for any reader – how do you keep your place in a book when you need to put it down? There are of course many, many options for this, some more controversial than others!

Personally I use a leather bookmark, I like the durability of it, it doesn’t seem to mind sticking out the end of a paperback and being chucked about in my bag, its chunky so I can easily find my place and non slip so it stays put well.

For a long time I never used to use anything, I’d just remember the page number I was on and flip through until I found it. As I have less time to read now (kids to organise, house to keep tidy, job to go to etc) this doesn’t work as well anymore so I prefer the bookmark.

What’s your preferred bookmark? Do you turn the corners down, lay the book flat, use whatever piece of paper you have to hand or something else?

Like me do you have a favourite bookmark that you use most of the time or a variety that you cycle through?

6 thoughts on “Bookmarks – what do you use?

  1. Usually use a bookmark but sometimes I just grab whatever is to hand, even though I have a mug full of bookmarks 🙈

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