How do you read a series?

I’ve been re-reading one of my favourite series of books over the last few months and it’s made me think about how I read a series.

As a reader of Fantasy books I often find myself reading a series rather than stand alone novels. Thinking about how I read a series has led me realise that I read them in different ways depending on various factors

With a series that’s new (to me) where the series tells one long story I usually read them all in one go (or at least as many as are available at the time)

If the series is individual stories with a common thread as a lot of Crime series are I often read one or two at a time before changing to something else and coming back later.

On a re-read I usually intersperse the books with others, maybe even reading 2 or 3 others between the books of the series. As I already know the story I don’t feel the need to run from one to the next.

Of course this only works if the series is already complete or a fair way through. I love the feel of getting the next book in an anticipated series but don’t enjoy the wait as much!

How do you read a series of books? Does it change on a re-read for you too?

11 thoughts on “How do you read a series?

  1. I share the same behavior with you. On new reads, I tend to read the next one immediately. However, on rereads I insert stand alone in betweens as I don’t have the same sense of urgency to finish it.

  2. I loved that series! Totally binged them, lent for a friend 5 yrs when she was recovering from an operation and never had them back. I enjoy the immersion of a series and always looking for something new. Any crime recommendations?

  3. I love Val McDermid for crime (although hers are quite dark, so if that’s not your thing I maybe wouldn’t)
    Stuart McBride (again, dark)
    The original ‘Frost’ books by RD Wingfield are also excellent although there are only about 5 of those.
    For slightly lighter crime I’ve enjoyed Simon Brett especially his Fethering series.

  4. This is the same way I do with TV series. Wasn’t a big TV drama fan until Breaking Bad. Now I’ve binged several series. I’d rather wait until there are at least 4 seasons or it’s complete before even starting because I hate the waiting. I’ve done the same somewhat with books where I’ll read several in a series over a short period but even then I usually read some things in between.

  5. It depends on how much I like the series. The Greatcoats I read pretty much all in one go. Meanwhile his other series: Spellslinger, which I like but not as much, I kind of read when I feel like it. Some of it depends on availability too. I wish I could find a series that made me want to read them all in one go again. It’s been awhile since that happened though.

  6. I actually tend to get bored with a series if it is over six books. So I’ll read the series fully of what is out then stop whenever i get bored and I rarely go back after finishing the sixth book. I usually don’t reread series but will reread stand alone books.

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