Review: How the Dead Speak by Val McDermid

The Tony Hill/Carol Jordan series is one of my favourite crimes series, I’m thrilled every time a new one is published so I was delighted when How the Dead Speak arrived in bookshops.

Reviewing a book this far into a long running series is always a bit tricky, there is so much history between the characters between these pages that finding spoiler free things to talk about is difficult.

I enjoyed How the Dead Speak but on reflection it was perhaps the least complex and least gruesome of all the Tony & Carol novels. Far more attention was focussed on Tony, Carol and Paula. This wasn’t a bad thing, it was nice to see these three in more detail, they’re old friends by this point.

However it did mean we didn’t see inside the head of the killer as we usually do. In fact there were no murders actually carried out for the entire book.

In all I enjoyed this immensely but it did ‘feel’ a little different to the rest of the series.

If there are more Tony and Carol stories to come I look forward to reading them. That said the end to this did feel a little like an end, or at the very least a change of direction.

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